Tribal Court | Juvenile Court Program

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Juvenile Program Coordinator
Emma Susie Kignak



Tribal Youth Court Program Sponsored by a grant from OJJDP

Tribal Court Program for juveniles under 18 years of age (free of charge when referred by state of Alaska Court System for juvenile offenses).

This program teaches Native Village of Barrow’s Inupiaq Traditions, Inupiaq Values, cultural heritage, Land, Language, People and Family best interest.

The Native Village of Barrow Tribal juvenile court program aims to strengthen the family ties, addressing that family is the greatest influence in the lives of youth who have substance abuse issues.

The Youth today face an increasingly complicated world, Substance abuse, violence, destructive behavior, neglectful and hurtful behavior to name a few, these are worldwide problems that many youth today grow up with and are deeply affected by.

Youth are faced with pressures of growing up in a world of intense peer pressure, economic challenges, and troubling world events which may contribute to a long list of behavioral problems.

The Native Village of Barrow juvenile court program is designed with specific requirements for the juvenile and the responsible parent/guardian.

Primary treatment is provided by the Native Village of Barrow Tribal Court with “Prime For Life” an Alcohol and substance abuse early intervention workshop.