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Native Village of Barrow

Tribal Operations

Goal: To provide Native Village of Barrow Tribal Operation Services for its membership and to conduct tribal council meetings.

The Tribal Operations Department’s Mission is to enhance communication, education and involvement with tribal members. The Department helps with Tribal Membership enrollment, Tribal Identification cards and provides crucial support to the Tribal Council as they strive to fulfill NVB’s Mission and goals.


2014 Membership
2013 Membership
2012 Membership
2011 Membership
2010 Membership
2009 Membership


Tribal Membership Enrollment

Please fill out this application for tribal membership enrollment

Tribal Id

Tribal identification (ID) cards are issued as proof of your enrollment & membership.

Affidavit of Tribal Membership

This is an affidavit concerning membership or eligibility for membership.

Family Tree Form

Printable family tree form for use in family history research documentation.

Release of Information

Release of personal info to a designated individual.


Election Ordinance Adoption

Adopting, amending, and repealing tribal statutes.

Declaration of Candidacy

Persons seeking candidacy must file the “DECLARATION OF CANDIDACY” form

Request for Secretarial Elections

A duly adopted tribal resolution, tribal ordinance, other appropriate tribal document requesting the Secretary to call a Secretarial election.


Tribal Minutes

all meetings are recorded, transcribed and maintained by the Tribal Council.