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Native Village of Barrow



Tribal Transportation Program

The Transportation Department’s Mission is to work with the Bureau of Indian Affairs to establish a long-range plan for the transportation needs of Barrow. The Director will work with the Tribal Council to prioritize projects which provide the highest safety and economic benefit to the community. All projects are approved by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and are supported by tribal resolution.

A. BIA Barrow Arctic Research Center Road Grant

B. BUILD Shareholder lot roads Grant Phase 2-5 for $3.7 Million
This grant will provide much needed road access to lots owned by residents, who require road access to construct their homes and connect them to municipal utilities. Road access to the East Barrow Shareholder Lots is at the highest priority in this plan.

The IRR is part of the Federal-Aid Highway Program and is funded from the Highway Trust Fund.  It is Authorized under the Federal Lands Highway Program, 23 United States Code (USC) 204.  Use of IRR Program funds is defined in 23 USC.  This program is jointly administered by the BIA and the Federal Highway Administration.  We prepare the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) that is a 5- year plan for improvements for the community of Barrow.   Each project on our TIP is supported by a tribal resolution. We submit our TIP to the BIA Division of Transportation (BIADOT) for review and approval.  BIADOT reviews, approves, and forwards our TIP to FHWA Federal Lands Highway Office (FLHO) for approval.  Once the TIP is approved by the FHWA, we then have projects that costs can be charged to.  All projects have to be on the approved TIP.  All of our projects are supported by a tribal resolution.

Road Maintenance

A tribe may now use up to 25% of its share of TT Program funds for road maintenance.  Road sealing not subject to limitation.  BIA retains primary responsibility.  Funds supplement the DOI BIA road maintenance program funds.  Eligibility criteria per Subpart G of 25 CFR 170.

We address proposed roads needed for future housing, health care facilities, education facilities and economic development. Proposed roads have to be included in each Tribe’s Long Range Transportation Plan.

You can access our Long Range Transportation Plan 2018-2023 by downloading the pdf below.