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The Wildlife Program

Throughout history Inupiat culture has fostered communal values that stress the sharing of the bounty of the land, sea and air among our people, while respecting and protecting the environment to allow for the health and wellness of everything for which we give thanks. The Tribe has historically been the steward for, and dependent upon, the living resources made available to us in the northernmost portion of Alaska, an area equal in size to the State of Minnesota and over 7,000 square miles of water. To this day, subsistence activities not only provide a large portion of our food source but are integral towards preserving and perpetuating the Inupiat way of life which remains focused on the natural world.

Through coordination and cooperation with other organizations and villages in the North Slope, the Environment Department of the Native Village of Barrow seeks to ensure the continuance of the natural balance of give and take, in our wonderful, but fragile, environment that stretches from the Canadian border to the Bering Sea and from the Brooks Range to well out into the Arctic Ocean.


Native Village of BarrowYoung Hunter’s Program
Waiver Form

Registration, Permissions, Release, Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreements


Young Hunter's

Please e-mail, or print and fax , mail, or deliver this form to the address above. E-mail Joe Sage at jsage@nvb-nsn.gov

Camping Equipment

All arctic camping equipment including

  • Tents
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Cookware
  • Ammunition
  • Weapons

Special Gifts

Special gifts to be given at the Young Hunter's Program graduation

Spears and other traditional hunting weapons, tools and gear