Native Village of Barrow would like to be able to supply our Tribal Elders with niqipiaq or Native traditional foods like agviq (Bowhead whale), qilalugaq or maktaaq (Beluga whale), natchiq or ugruk (seals), misigaaq (seal oil), aiviq (walrus), tutuu (caribou), iqaluq (fish), nigliq (geese), qaugait (ducks), and vegetation or herbs.

The NVB community is welcome to donate any such items as long as they are fresh catch or fresh harvest. If possible, it is best to bring the food items already cut and stored in either freezer quality zip-lock bags, or vacuum-sealed bags along with the hunter’s name, date of catch, and name of the food item. NVB staff is willing to help with cutting, labeling, and vacuum sealing if you are not equipped to do so.

While supplies last, any hunter or gatherer will be given a gift per sizable amount of donated niqipiaq. Gifts may vary depending on the rarity and/or amount of donated food.

Elder tribal members include enrolled NVB adults over the age of 62, and will be given niqipiaq upon request if it is available.

For more information, please contact Annie Rexford or Frances Leavitt in the NVB Workforce Department at (907) 852-8913 or (907) 852-8922.